Thursday, October 10, 2013

Milk Painted Dresser (Shutter Grey)

Here is my newest piece!  I need to first and foremost thank my hubby for feeding my addiction by finding this dresser on the side of the road for me.  He saw it while biking home, came home right away and went with me to pick it up.  Love you Dale!!! My favourite is the beautiful moulding around the two smaller drawers.  I also love the legs and lovely scalloped edge on the bottom.

Anyways, I have decided that I want to get more comfortable with using milk paint.  I have never used the bonding agent  before and wanted to see if I liked the coverage and sandability for distressing.  I learned a few things while doing this piece.  But my lack of experience made for a really neat crackled look to the piece.

I started off with two coats of Miss Mustard Seed Iron Stone Milk Paint.  I was not happy with the coverage and needed another coat but had run out of Iron Stone.  The lack of coverage was due to the fact that my paint was not mixed fully.  There was a bunch in the bottom of the cup.  This is when Dale ran to
Value Village for me in search of an old blender.  He came home with an $8 hand blender.

This worked a charm with the MMS Shutter Grey.  I would always recommend using a blender when mixing milk paint.  I watched the tutorials on:

where Miss Mustard Seed recommended mixing by hand so that you can feel the consistency of the paint. I have mixed by hand several times now and mixed by blender once.  Blender is definitely the way to go.

I was also very impressed with how easy it was to distress this piece.  I used fine grit sandpaper and went over all the edges by hand.  I did not want to take away from the details of this piece by heavily distressing it.  So, I kept it simple.  I then sealed it with Miss Mustard Seed Wax.  The wax really deepens the colour and richens up the look of the piece.  I hope you enjoy the pictures and are inspired to try a piece of your own.

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