Saturday, May 25, 2013

Making the Most of Your Outdoor Space

Whether you are in an apartment or a house, have a large lot or small, there are many things you can do to make your outdoor space cozy and inving.  It is important to make it an extension of your home.  Don't just look at it as outside, instead bring a splash of your tastes to your outdoor space.  To me, it is important for the space to be semi private.  You probably don't want people staring at you while you sip your morning coffee, whether dressed or not.  Having a comfy place to sit and a table for your tea is imperative.  Other than that you can have fun adding accents to the space that reflect your style.

Crystal wanted to do something with her outdoor space this week.  She lives in a triplex and has a small balcony off her 2nd floor apartment.  She wanted to add some privacy and make it an inviting space to enjoy some drinks with a friend.  Since her last apartment had a pigeon infestation on the balcony, she was very excited about this space.  She wanted to hang some sheers that she picked up at JYSK for $5 a pannel to soften the area.

I suggested Crystal needed some privacy from the next apartment over, as they are always out in the summer and she would always feel watched.  Crystal had told me about a fabric baby gate she saw on pinterest a couple weeks ago.  I suggested she take that idea and make a pannel for the end of her balcony and it would provide some privacy.  She had a shower curtain she bought that did not work with her bathroom decor.  I suggested that would be cheaper to use than going and buying fabric.  So this is what we did:

We measured the outdoor space and added a 1" seam allowance on the unfinished edge of the shower curtain.  

We cut it to size, ironed the hem and finished the one unfinished edge.  We also folded over the top that has the holes in it for the shower rings and hemmed it.

We then took 1" pieces of 1/2" elastic and attached loops around the outside of the fabric.  Attaching them with a double zig zag stitch to allow for stretch.  We placed the pieces of elastic where we knew we would be able to screw a cup hook into the balcony. (Crystal's balcony is wood)

We drilled small holes and then screwed in the cup hooks.  We attached the loops and voila.  We now have a privacy wall which reflects Crystal's style.  

We then attached the sheers along the front of the balcony. Attaching them with cup hooks, proved not effective, as the sheers kept blowing off the hooks.  We opted for a staple gun so that Crystal did not come out one day and find the sheers missing.  

We tied the sheers  and added a flower for an extra "romantical" touch.  Crystal attached a cup hook to the railing and attached the sheer with an elastic.  The sheer can then be let down if she wants for some added privacy.  We attached 3 pannels to the front of the balcony.  It was just hard to get them all in the shot from the balcony.  So here is what it looks like from the street.

Here are some of the personal touches Crystal added to make her balcony inviting and homey:

This transformation cost all of $35.  I hope this inspires you to get creative with your outdoor spaces.  I must admit Crystal has inspired me to do something with my patio as it has not been touched since we moved in (5 years ago).  It will be nice to finally make it my own with a few personal touches. 

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